Business model

Public Joint-Stock Company “Oil company ”LUKOIL” is one of the world's largest publicly traded and vertically integrated oil and gas companies in terms of total proven reserves and hydrocarbon production. LUKOIL employs over 100,000 people across Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the USA (more than 30 countries worldwide). We are an international oil and gas company whose operations promote the economic development of the countries where we operate and improve people's living standards. We strive towards demonstrating technological leadership and achieving environmental equilibrium, so that all of us can share in a prosperous future.

As a vertically integrated company, LUKOIL controls its entire chain of production, from oil and gas production to marketing a range of various products and services, including electricity and heat, which are supplied to industrial and retail consumers in various countries worldwide.

Exploration and production

Exploration, mining 76% / 24% Share of oil and gas in proven reserves


Oil and gas refining, petrochemicals 8.8 Not including mini-refineries and external refineries, or unused capacity at the Ukhta, Volgograd, and Burgas refineries. The Nelson Index for Company refineries as of December 31, 2018
88.0% Refining yield

Production and sales

International trading, retail sales General brands: ECTO fuel and diesel, Genesis oils 9.6 million tons Sale of ECTO brand fuel
6.5 million liters sales of biofuel blends

Sales of motor fuels 257.9 thousand tons Sales of brand oils (premium group)

River and maritime fueling 4.7 thousand tons Sales of bunker fuel

Aircraft refueling 3.2 million tons Sales of aircraft fuel

Power Supply

Electric Power Engineering 19,919 million kWh Electricity generation (net of supply power generation):

Renewable Energy 1,365.3 million kWh Electricity generation using renewable energy sources

Geographies of productive assets
1 % of proven global hydrocarbon reserves

2 % of total global oil production