LUKOIL, a leading company on the Russian market and a participant in the global supply chain, is fully supportive of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Company recognizes that the goals outlined in this document are becoming more and more relevant for success in the global marketplace and for ensuring a sustainable future for all of us.

The Company is a major employer and taxpayer and works in many Russian regions, as well as internationally. Hence, LUKOIL’s policies have an impact on local communities as well as on global development. In this Report, we have highlighted 1 1 global goals and 1 5 objectives. We are already making signifcant progress in attaining these goals, thanks to implementation of our corporate strategy. We intend to continue with programs aimed at achieving these important social, environmental and economic objectives in line with our capabilities, always striving to integrate best practices and forward-looking solutions into our business processes.

We pay close attention to the issue of climate change and acknowledge the importance of the changes we are seeing for the future of our Company and the world. We strive to participate in the ongoing global dialogue and seek to anticipate the steps required to deal with new challenges. Lukoil will continue to present to its stakeholders: government and non-government bodies, local communities, shareholders and investors the actions we are taking in this and other areas in the Company’s yearly reports on sustainability.