Management system

2018 results

Gross emissions fell significantly (by 14%) and specific indicators of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere were improved.

The consumption of water resources from surface sources declined by 4%.

Waste management targets were met: waste recovery corresponded to the volume of waste generated.

Around 80,000  tons of pre-privatization waste Waste from the pre-privatization period – waste accumulated at facilities during the period before their privatization and/or the acquisition of assets by LUKOIL Group. were disposed of.

The incident rate at hazardous production facilities was reduced.

In LUKOIL Group the corporate Integrated System of Management of Industrial, Fire, Radiation Safety, Emergency Prevention and Liquidation, the Protection of Civilians, Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection (hereinafter, the HSE Management System) is in effect, and forms an essential part of the general management system. An integrated approach to HSE management has been developing on a voluntary basis since the mid-1990s.

The sphere of application of the HSE Management System of LUKOIL Group is determined based on an analysis of the internal and external factors of activities of LUKOIL Group and LUKOIL Group entities that influence the attainment of strategic goals.