Employee engagement and targeted functional programs

Employee engagement

In order to boost employee motivation when it comes to adhering to the HSE principles and obligations of LUKOIL Group, annual occupational safety and environmental protection competitions have been held in the Company for over 10 years. Competition participants submit projects and inventions that promote improving the occupational safety culture and mitigating against negative environmental impacts. The winners receive awards, while the other participants have an opportunity to study best practices in this area and to employ them to enhance HSE performance in their companies.

Targeted functional programs

In accordance with the corporate requirements for planning HSE activities, LUKOIL Group annually creates three-year medium-term targeted functional programs on a sliding basis in the sphere of environmental and industrial safety, which form an integral part of the Budget and Investment Program. As a part of the planning, program parameters are determined for one year and benchmarks for two years.

The implementation of environmental and industrial safety programs for 2018–2020 have facilitated a reduction in negative environmental impacts and improved industrial safety and occupational safety performance. Respective results are provided in relevant sections hereto.

In 2018, work was completed to create medium-term targeted functional programsThe industrial and environmental safety programs of LUKOIL Group entities were approved by Order No. 46 of PJSC LUKOIL, dated February 2, 2018.:

  • A program related to industrial safety, improving labor conditions and industrial safety, and emergency prevention and mitigation of LUKOIL Group entities for 2019–2021 (hereinafter, the Industrial Safety Program).
  • The Environmental Safety Program of LUKOIL Group Entities for 2019–2021 (hereinafter, the Environmental Safety Program).