“Fresh Waters” sub-program

The objectives achieved under the "Fresh Waters" sub-program include:

  • The rational use of water resources
  • Preventing the contamination of surface bodies of water with highly mineralized formation waters
  • Reduced discharges of contaminated wastewater into surface bodies of water

Main activities include the construction, renovation, and technical retooling of water treatment and wastewater purification systems. On an annual basis organizations from the electrical energy sector carry out maintenance work to optimize the operation of boiler equipment and heating networks.

In 2018, RUB 3 billion was allocated to implement such measures, and it is planned to earmark around RUB 7 billion more in 2019–2021.

Water consumption by LUKOIL Group entities
Russian entities 2018 Foreign entities 2018
Withdrawn water, total, million cubic meters, including: 428.5 21.3
consumed for in-house purposes (household, production, other) 354.9 19.5
water transferred unused to third-party consumers (net of intragroup exchanges) 39.1 1.8
other operations:
a) formation water (collected together with oil and not used for formation-pressure maintenance, but rather pumped into in absorbing subsoil horizons)
b) household wastewater (sent for treatment to Ukhtinsky Refinery facilities)
34.5 0
Water discharges, total, million cubic meters, including: 337.6 14.9
water discharges into surface bodies of water, including: 214.7 14.7
water discharges into the sea 11.3 0
water discharges into underground formations 104.0 0.2
water delivered after use to a third party (net of intragroup exchanges) 18.4 0
other water discharges 0.5 0

Note. Sea water is used to cool equipment and returns to a water body at a natural temperature, without being used in other production processes and absent relevant pollution.