Water consumption

Russia has a healthy water supply See: World Resource Institute and the oil & gas sector has a relatively low impact on fresh water consumption compared to other sectors of the economySee: Water in the Energy Industry. – BP International, 2013. . Nonetheless, we believe improving water use efficiency and maintaining the cleanliness of surface and underground waters to be important issues.

LUKOIL HSE Policy for 21st century See: Water in the Energy Industry. – BP International, 2013. sets forth obligations for the rational use of natural resources (including water), and is aimed at:

  • Minimizing impacts from business activity, including a reduction in the use of water resources.
  • Decreasing the dependence of production facilities on possible external negative factors, including natural ones (droughts, the drying up of reservoirs, the contamination of underground springs).

Seeking to ensure a more effective water use, we strive to identify risks in a timely manner and to minimize them through the implementation of cutting-edge water-efficient technologies. Our main approach to attaining our objective of sustainable water use is the implementation of water recycling and reuse systems at production facilities and the maximum beneficial use of water which is withdrawn, including formation water.