Preparedness for emergencies and accidents

For all facilities that are potential sources of oil and oil product spills, plans have been developed to prevent and eliminate oil and oil product spills. The main program measures in 2018 enabled us to achieve the following results.

  • Trainings on the localization and elimination of the consequences of oil and oil product spills were held at LUKOIL Group entity facilities; particular attention was paid to verifying oil spill response plans and how prepared teams were to eliminate spills.
  • A project to broadcast live video images from hazardous production facilities in the Central Control Room of PJSC LUKOIL was prepared for implementation.
  • The Open Flow Elimination Headquarters was organized in order to increase how prepared LUKOIL Group’s Russian oil and gas producing entities are to eliminate oil flows.
  • Contracting organizations were sent recommendations on the retraining and certification of employees in the course " Well Control. Well Management in Case of Gas, Oil, or Water Inflow" at recommended PJSC LUKOIL training centers.
  • Over 60,000 employees, as well as the chairmen and members of emergency prevention and response and fre safety commissions of LUKOIL Group entities, underwent training.

In addition, in cooperation with the administrations of municipalities where the Company’s production sites constitute local economic mainstays, places where large numbers of people gather were examined for compliance with respective fre safety requirements.

Indicators of preparedness for emergency situations at LUKOIL Group
2017 2018
Number of trainings conducted, including: 193 178
on the elimination of simulated spills of oil and oil products 109 91