Assessing the effectiveness of measures

In order to improve the operational reliability of pipeline transport, the effectiveness of implemented measures is assessed annually, as part of the following processes.

1. Selective, comprehensive inspections of the production activities of oil and gas companies: every three years, all territorial-industrial companies undergo assessment.

During inspections, the indicators and methods for recording accidents of losses of pipelines integrity are analyzed, and measures to rectify the situation are determined. In parallel, corporate oversight over compliance with federal and industry requirements is performed. Based on the results of a comprehensive inspection, instructions are issued to eliminate violations, as well as any identified deviations.

2. Technical meetings of Network Group experts.

Technical meetings are held on a quarterly basis and at the year end to analyze the results of activities to improve the reliability of pipeline transport. Decisions taken at the meetings are documented in a protocol in which recommendations and instructions for LUKOIL Group entities are recorded, including the testing of pipes made of new materials and the introduction of new technologies. The meeting minutes are approved by management (including the Vice President of PJSC LUKOIL).