Results of the Network Group’s work in 2018

Due to the active work performed by the Network Group in 2018, results were achieved that lay the foundation for improving the future reliability of pipelines.

  • Based on the test results, the list of suppliers of various pipe products was expanded, including pipes made of alternative materials.
  • New pipe diagnostic methods were proposed for implementation.
  • More effective inhibitors of corrosion and deposits of asphalts, resins, and paraffin were identified.
  • Liability for products supplied in the supply chain was increased.

In order to reduce the risk of pipeline failures, the discipline and responsibility of not only specialized corporate services, but also contractors and pipe suppliers, have been significantly strengthened. The warranty period for pipes with protective coatings is set at not less than 10 years: if an independent party establishes a factory defect during this period, all costs incurred by the Company are charged to the supplier.

All contracts for construction and installation works have a warranty period of at least 60 months (five years), which increases the liability of the parties performing this work, and reduces the likelihood of the most frequent failures occurring due to the fault of contractors.

Updating industry standards

With the active participation of specialists from PJSC LUKOIL and the Russian entities of LUKOIL Group, in 2018 a national standard was for the first time elaborated and approved by the Federal Agency for Regulation and Metrology. The standard introduces requirements related to applying protective paintwork on the inner surface of steel pipes, fittings for oilfield pipelines, and tubing for oilfield equipmentGOST R 58346-2019 Steel pipes and fttings for the oil industry. Protective paintwork for the inner surface. General technical requirements..