Kondinskie lakes

In 2018, a water conduit failure occurred in the Kondinskie Lakes Natural Park (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra) for the first time in almost 20 years of work at the Talnikovoe field. LLC West Siberia employees promptly responded to the accident.

At the time of preparing this Report, the consequences of the failure of the water conduit had been completely eliminated: pollution was localized, produced water was pumped out, polluted soil was removed, and water conduit sections were replaced. The polluted area was fully cleaned up. The soil was taken to a special industrial waste landfill. Together with the SPNR "Kondinskie Lakes," additional inspections of pipelines and water crossings were performed, and a Report on measures undertaken (Statement of Measures Performed) was drawn up.

The object is included in the Front End Engineering Design plans; the receipt of project documentation and the conclusion of the Main State Expert Review and Ecological Appraisal is expected in 2020.

In order to increase the reliability of water conduits, LUKOIL Group entities conduct pilot tests of metal-plastic pipes with ends made of corrosion-resistant steel and new Anaconda 21 pipes (manufactured in Russia) for high-pressure water conduits (in LLC LUKOIL-West Siberia and LLC LUKOIL-PERM).