Occupational medicine

We endeavor to minimize factors that have an adverse impact on the health of workers, and implement social programs aimed at improving health.

An authorized representative has been appointed to oversee health issues.

Most employee diseases are treated under voluntary medical insurance programs (VMI). The functions of occupational health services that help identify and eliminate hazards and minimize health risks are transferred to contractors: employees are given a choice from a wide range of medical institutions. The quality of medical care is checked on a regular basis by experts of the insurance company (as part of the VMI) and by regulatory authorities.

The Company respects the confidentiality of employee health data: this kind of information is not transferred by contractor organizations providing medical services to LUKOIL Group entities under VMI.

In close proximity to workplaces, over 100 first-aid stations, pre-trip examination rooms, and health centers with medical assistants or doctors have been established, which facilitate workers' access to medical services in emergency situations or in cases where an employee’s health deteriorates unexpectedly.

Each year workers have an opportunity to be vaccinated against influenza, and, in endemic-prone areas, against tick-borne encephalitis and anthrax. In addition to mandatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations, targeted medical examinations are regularly conducted with the involvement of highly qualified specialists (cardiologists, oncologists, pulmonologists, endocrinologists, etc.) To ensure that these services can be accessed by workers in remote regions, examinations are carried out by visiting teams of doctors.

A full range of occupational medicine services is provided to full-time employees of LUKOIL Group. As part of social support, material assistance can also be provided to treat the family members of employees.

Company consultations with employees on health issues are held on a regular basis through the Health Commissioner at PJSC "LUKOIL," and periodically within the framework of interaction with the IATUO and trade union organizations of LUKOIL Group entities.