Occupational health and safety training

Each year LUKOIL Group entities hold events aimed at raising worker awareness surrounding industrial and fire safety, as well as occupational health and safety and developing relevant skills and improving the quality of training in this area. Core events include:

  • Conducting full-time and distance education events, the retraining and advanced training of employees
  • Updating training and supervising industrial safety and occupational health and safety programs
  • Introducing a special training system for staff working at hazardous facilities
  • Promoting increased safety culture awareness

Situational simulators are being introduced to elaborate the actions to be taken in emergency situations, as well as improve the technical skills necessary for working safely with complex equipment.

Using a distance learning system (hereinafter, DLS), employees have the opportunity to independently improve their skills, check how well they have mastered a topic, and obtain certifications. In 2018 the implementation of electronic briefings in the DLS continued.

Amount of training on industrial safety and occupational health and safety, man-courses
2016 2017 2018
Total, including: 47,560 56,481 60,106
Russian entities 33,898 42,114 46,485
Foreign entities 13,662 14,367 13,621

Notes. The data include actual information on in-person and remote employee training.