Working conditions

There are also no workplaces that have dangerous working conditionsClass 4 – working conditions in which an employee is exposed to harmful and (or) hazardous workplace factors and the levels of exposure to them during the whole working day (shift) or a part thereof may endanger the life of the employee, and the consequences of exposure to these factors cause a high risk of developing an acute occupational disease in the period of employment. at LUKOIL Group entities.

In 2018, the five-year period of transitioning from the previous procedure for certifying workplaces to a procedure of performing special assessments of working conditions was completed in the Russian Federation.

As of January 1, 2019, a special assessment had been conducted of the labor conditions of the workplaces of 99.1% of employees The remaining 0.9% of workers are employed in newly introduced workplaces and in workplaces with altered working conditions, for which a special assessment of working conditions is performed according to a schedule established by legislation. of the Russian entities of LUKOIL Group. The Company completed a specialized assessment of working conditions of existing workplaces, in accordance with respective legislative requirements.

The number of employees at workplaces with optimal and acceptable labor conditions stood at 65% of the total number of employees covered by the special assessment of labor conditions.

During 2018, working conditions were improved at the workplaces of more than 1,300 employees, and for the third year running the Russian entities of LUKOIL Group managed to completely eliminate workplaces with the highest hazard class of labor conditionsSubclass 3.4 – working conditions in which an employee is exposed to harmful and (or) dangerous workplace factors, and the levels of exposure to them can lead to severe forms of occupational diseases (with loss of general working capacity) during the period of employment..

In the foreign entities of LUKOIL Group, assessments of working conditions are carried out in accordance with procedures prescribed by national legislation.

Total occupational health and safety and industrial safety training expenses in LUKOIL Group (“employee training and professional development” category), RUB million

Notes. Data for 2016–2018 include information on the entities LLC LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company and LUKOIL MID-EAST LIMITED.