2018 operation results and examples of projects financed


Improving the social climate in Russian regions

Theater without Borders,
Samara, Samara Region

A festival for visually impaired people was held at the Samara Regional Library for the Blind; over 100 peopleparticipated. The program included participating in theatrical performances and a quiz about the history of the Samara Region.

We are Ready to Compete!
Perm, Perm Territory

The first regional sports festival for children with disabilities and their parents was held. 187 families (374 people) from 23 Perm Territory locations and the city of Perm participated in the event.


Increasing the activity of the residents of Russian regions in relation to resolving issues faced in their regions.

Molodyozhnyi Park,
Kinel District, Samara Region

Schoolchildren from the Village of Skolkovo and their supervising teacher initiated creating a park in the center of the village. The young people enthusiastically took part in the project and developed a design for a family recreation area.


Preservation of national and cultural identity

Republic of Kalmykia

A Kalmyk dance children festival was organized. During the events, participants learned about the national culture of the Kalmyk people.

Craftsman Town,
Mendeleyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan

A national craft studio was created at School No. 3, open not only to schoolchildren but also pensioners and other residents of the town (500 participants).


Enhancing the environmental situation.

The Crystal Tinkling of a Brook
Shentala District, Samara Region

An abandoned spring was restored in order to provide the residents of a rural settlement in Tuarma (over 1,700 people) with clean potable water.

Forest Fairytale
Votkinsk, Udmurt Republic

The visiting area in Berezovsky Forest was improved: children's playgrounds and benches were installed, and paths for pedestrians were made.


New jobs were created.

Courtyard of a Saigatka Kurkul
Chaikovsky District, Perm Territory

For a number of years we have assisted in the restoration of the Saigatka Historical and Architectural Complex in the Chaikovsky District of Perm Region: the complex consists of three houses that belonged to the first settlers of the Kama Region, which are still located in their original historical locations. In 2018, one of the houses was renovated, and the "Village Store of the Late 19th – Early 20th Century" exhibition was opened.