Main program areas and examples of social policy implementation

  • Support for orphaned children, disabled persons, combat veterans, and other population groups in need of support.
    • We support public institutions that look after orphaned and abandoned children, as well as the children themselves. The main goal of our children's programs is to support the personal development of children, improve their health, and help them socialize and adapt to adult life. The most well-known of the projects listed below have been implemented for 15–20 years.

    • By supporting disabled people, we not only provide them with financial assistance, but also help them master new skills so that they can independently solve problems and make a worthwhile contribution to society.

    • The Company provides special privileges to combat veterans working in the oil industry, World War II veterans, and veterans of the home front. Every year, on the eve of Victory Day, they receive monetary aid and gifts. The Company also supports the families of military servicemen who died during local conflicts.

Support for orphanages and orphaned children

Each year, LUKOIL CF awards 50 personal scholarships to the graduates of Russian orphanages under its patronage who wish to continue their education in secondary professional and higher education institutions.

The institutions under our patronage include two boarding facilities for children with health impairments in Bukhara, which serve around 400 children. Required equipment and textbooks are bought for them, and they receive presents on holidays.

Supporting children with health impairments

Within this program, tactile books for visually impaired children are published, taking into account the special features of their visual and tactile perception of images. The books help blind children perceive the world around them and to gain knowledge, and also introduce them to the best examples of children's literature. Each year, the Fund purchases new sets of books and adds to the libraries of specialized children's institutions in many Russian cities.

Alongside this project, the "Museum at My Fingertips" project was created in Samara. The project authors have created copies of pictures in bold relief and a graphic guide in bold relief to the museum, so as to provide additional opportunities to visually impaired children.

Educational program for retirees

For many years, an educational program for LLC LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez retirees has been implemented. The goal of this program is to encourage elderly people to lead an active social life. Lectures on social, legal and health issues and meetings with artists and musical ensembles are held for them.

  • Educational programs
    • The goal of our programs aimed at the younger generation is to train young qualified oil industry specialists to make substantial contributions to ensuring a bright future for both the industry and society at large.

    • The Company supports oil industry higher and secondary education institutions by developing their technical and research potential and improving their material resources, which in turn helps organize the education process in accordance with current standards. The funds provided are used to establish research centers, laboratories, and academic departments and to publish new textbooks and collections of articles dedicated to the oil and gas industry.

Since 2000 we have been supporting high-potential students, young teachers, and job training instructors by providing personalized scholarships and grants. In 2018 the program covered 11 higher education institutions, four colleges, and one high school in Russia.

Support programs for students and teachers of higher and secondary education organizations in Russia
2016 2017 2018
Student scholarships
Number of scholarship holders 186 180 190
Financing amount, RUB million 5.8 6.6 5.9
Grants to teachers
Number of teachers 88 89 79
Financing amount, RUB million 9.6 10.3 9.0

LUKOIL Group entities also support education in their regions of operation and execute programs that have wider coverage. For example, since 2016 JSC RITEK has held the annual Formula of Success contest, which supports innovation projects and new methods of cooperation among research institutions, higher education institutions, engineering and technical centers, specialists, inventors, and students.

LLC LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company successfully collaborates with a number of higher education institutions in Uzbekistan in the field of training oil and gas industry specialists.

  • Support for health care institutions
    • The Company has for many years supported a number of large medical centers and regional health care institutions and promoted enhancing the quality of medical service systems in the regions in which we operate.

In the Perm Territory, we supported the renovation of M.A. Tverye Primary Health Care Unit No. 9. Since 2018, thanks to the establishment of the Pathology Department for Newborn and Prematurely-Born Children, it has been possible to arrange all stages of care for such children in one institution. Now babies can stay in the ward with their mothers, and they are discharged after a full course of treatment. In 2018, 176 young patients received care.

  • Environmental projects
    • Environmental campaigns have been held at LUKOIL Group entities throughout the Company's existence, and are a part of our corporate culture that is much loved by our employees. Following established tradition, as part of these events our employees and partners plant trees and flowers and clear litter from urban and natural areas, river banks, and rivers.

More than 10 years ago, at the initiative of our employees, the projects "An Oil Workers' Town is a Town of Flowers," "Children and LUKOIL for the Environment," and "A Cozy Yard with LUKOIL" were launched in a number of Perm Territory districts. Currently these projects, which have become annual events, are held in each area of the territory and attract people of various ages and occupations into the ranks of volunteers.

For 16 years, the International Environmental Campaign "Save and Preserve", which we consider to be a tool for raising environmental awareness, has been held in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra. 77 regions of Russia and around 50 neighboring and distant countries have participated in the event – a total of around half a million people. The campaign features many events: during the year, hundreds of environmental events are held in the region with the participation of schoolchildren, social organizations, businessmen, and guests from other regions.

Constantin Stere Park, Ploiești (Romania), has hosted a summer environmental school for a number of years; its motto is "Think Green, Think Clean". The project is organized by the Romanian Environmental Protection Agency, with support from Petrotel LUKOIL S.A. In 2018, 50 high high school students from Olari and Potigraph participated in the project.

The “Give Paper a New Life” environmental project has been developed by the Young Specialist Council of LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez, which organized the collection and removal of wastepaper to recyclable material collection points. Using the funds raised, the young specialists have planted linden trees in Chkalov Park, Kstovo, in the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

  • Social and Cultural Projects Competition
    • The Social and Cultural Project Contest of LUKOIL Group has been held by LUKOIL CF in cooperation with the Russian entities of LUKOIL Group since 2002. Its main goal is to support the initiatives of local citizens and entities to resolve issues that impact local areas and to foster conditions that will facilitate growth in the number of active citizens and entities that are capable of implementing worthwhile social ideas.

In 2002–2018, the competition received more than 30,000 applications from 20 constituent entities of Russia; over 6,000 projects, with a total value of over RUB 1 billion, were completed.

  • Cultural heritage preservation program
    • The cultural heritage preservation program is aimed at developing Russian culture, promoting spirituality, and preserving national values.
    • For many years we have supported museums, theaters, creative groups, and festivals. With our support exhibitions and guest appearances are organized, cultural heritage items are restored, and cultural and art centers are renovated.

Moscow Kremlin museums

We have for a long time worked with the main museum complex of Russia to organize exhibitions at Kremlin venues and off-site exhibitions in Russian towns/cities and abroad. Off-site exhibitions always contain a social element, in the form of educational programs for children. Museum employees deliver lectures and hold excursions for orphaned children and children from needy families and organize painting contests for them.

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

A special feature of our partnership with the museum is that we collaborate in various formats, including exhibitions, restorations, multimedia events, publishing, and children's educational projects.

For example, the Fund's support has helped implement a unique project based on information technologies, which make it possible to reproduce a three-dimensional image of cuneiform tablets stored in the museum on a screen. The project allows professionals and amateurs to access the exhibits without direct contact.

In 2018, an exhibition of works by Vassily Kandinsky, called Little Worlds, was held in Mexico with support from LUKOIL. The exhibition included the most significant works from the most important periods of Kandinsky's life and aesthetic evolution: the beginning of his artistic journey in Munich, his return to Moscow after the beginning of World War I, his period of teaching in the Bauhaus in Germany, and his life in Paris.

  • Supporting sports teams and events
    • LUKOIL sports program is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and sports. We help both professional and amateur teams, and are constantly in search of new ideas for the implementation of social initiatives in this area. The consistent nature of our approach is demonstrated by our continuous support of sports organizations (clubs, federations, leagues, etc.) through LUKOIL Sports Club.
    • We support the following sports: soccer, motor racing, basketball, competitive skiing, water polo, and handball.

In 2018, LUKOIL Sports Club (hereinafter, the "Club") celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since 1998, the Club has implemented programs to support sport on a large scale, in accordance with the social priorities of LUKOIL Group.

The Company supports car racers (the Lukoil Racing Team), FC Spartak Moscow, the national skiing team, United Basketball League athletes, the national speedway team, and a number of regional teams recorded a number of memorable victories in various sports. All supported professional clubs cooperating with LUKOIL develop children sports. In addition, the Company supports the development of youth soccer at the international level though the Lukoil Cup ( and the Children's Soccer League (

Attention is also paid to sports veterans; LUKOIL is one of the founders of the Russian Olympian Support Fund.

Generally, our corporate programs are targeted to the specific regional experience and its human resources. Any decision to support a project is based on an assessment of its potential ability to resolve local issues. The criteria and methods for evaluating projects include:

  • Regularly monitoring the social and economic situation in the regions of operation
  • Interacting with citizens of the regions of operation
  • Meetings with the administrations of the constituent entities of Russia to discuss the effective implementation of cooperation agreements