Social entrepreneurship

The More than Buying project is a unique joint initiative between LUKOIL Group oil product supply entities and the “Our Future” regional social program fund. Its purpose is to support social entrepreneurs, who are given the opportunity to sell their products at LUKOIL filling stations. By "social entrepreneurship," we mean a special type of activity aimed at solving or mitigating social problems using income from business activities. Both small businesses and social non-proft organizations can become social entrepreneurs.

In 2018, the project saw comprehensive development due to a new concept of interaction between the project team and PJSC LUKOIL. The task was to make the project more targeted and dynamic in order to expand the range of products sold. As a result, 21 new companies joined the project, and the number of filling stations participating expanded to 1,500. Collaborative relations between social entrepreneurs were initiated; for example, some produce goods and others produce packaging for them.

As of December 31, 2018, the project included 45 regions of the Russian Federation, 180 entrepreneur start-ups and over 50 suppliers; this is the widest sales network for goods used by social entrepreneurs in Russia.

Thirty workshops have reached a stable business level, which we believe is a testament to the success of the program. For example, "Northern Manufactory" from Arkhangelsk and "Rukotvorenie" from Nizhny Novgorod Region successfully sell textiles and souvenirs; the Shetrik factory from Shuya sells knitted rugs; and the Blind Society enterprise "Vladimirskaya ETK" makes air fresheners and reflectors. In the Republic of Komi, the products of indigenous artisans were sold for the first time at filling stations.