20th anniversary of LUKOIL Sports club

During this period, in addition to supporting professional and amateur sports teams, LUKOIL Sports Club has held many events aimed at developing children's sports. These include: the nationwide "We Are One Team!" campaign, the nationwide "Believe in Yourself!" charity program, the "Live with Sports" campaign, and the nationwide "Relay of Kindness" charity project.

Nationwide Relay of Kindness Charity Project

This project is aimed at consolidating and structuring the support of professional sports clubs and athletes for children from needy families, orphans, and disabled athletes.

During the implementation of this project, 10 public charity events were organized as part of large sports competitions. The events were held in soccer stadiums, at a skiing trail, and in basketball and ice hockey arenas in Moscow and the Astrakhan, Nizhny Novgorod, and Arkhangelsk regions.

"Refueling through sport" campaign

In 2018, the club organized another project, "Refueling through Sport," intended to support young athletes aged 6–14 engaged in Olympic sports. Applications can be submitted by national sports federations, executive bodies of Russian constituent entities, youth athletic centers, and sports groups. In addition to monetary prizes, winners receive sports equipment and train under the guidance of Olympic champions. In 2018, over 1,000 young sportsmen participated in the contest, representing 53 regions of the country in 45 sports. There were 10 winners in the contest.

"Believe in Yourself!" charity campaign

A series of charity events held by LUKOIL Sports Club for young people, organized with support from the radio station Russkoye Radio.

"Believe in Yourself!" is a call to young people to believe in their abilities, use their skills and talents, and tell other people about what they have achieved. As part of the event, young people who demonstrate a proactive attitude and showcase their abilities are rewarded.

At various times the project has been executed in the Moscow Region, Tomsk, the Republic of Komi, Perm Territory, and Vladimir; it has included skiing and roller-skiing competitions, a soccer championship for children's and youth teams, a carting competition, and an Olympic champion car rally entitled "Light a Fire in Yourself!" in which 30 prominent athletes and Olympic medalists participated in a car rally around the Golden Ring of Russia.

LUKOIL Sports Club has also created an initiative to organize children's skiing races and become an official partner of Russialoppet races. A charity ski race was held in which around 500 children participated, including boarding school students and children from the Sergiev-Posad Rehabilitation Center for Minors.

The establishment of our Sports Club has allowed us to transition from one-time sponsorship events to systematically supporting professional sports teams, children's and youth sports, and building various sports facilities in the regions of LUKOIL's operation.
Vagit Alekperov, President, PJSC LUKOIL