Employment and diversity of labor resources

We strive to apply consistent principles and approaches to working with staff in all countries and regions of operation, always taking into account local specifics and features. The principles and norms set forth in the personnel policy and other local regulations are mandatory for all LUKOIL Group entities. The documents determine the procedure for recruiting, selecting, and assessing personnel; the conditions of employment; actions to be taken in relation to seconded employees and their family members in the event of an emergency; and other issues.

In local labor markets, LUKOIL provides job opportunities for suitably qualified candidates, including for executive positions. Our main approach is to employ the best specialists and to provide them with opportunities to fulfill their potential; in foreign countries, we aim to employ as many locals as possible, and to provide employee training where necessary.

Quality recruitment and a well-organized management team ensure that consistently high results are achieved and that LUKOIL Group entities are effectively managed. In the absence of personnel on local markets, high-potential Russian employees are appointed to senior positions in order to maintain and promulgate the same standards and corporate culture within LUKOIL Group, as well as expand competencies by gaining experience in international projects.

Data on local executives in the foreign entities of LUKOIL Group
2016 2017 2018
Top managers, people, 100 87 89
including locals 26 28 28
Share of local top executives (percent) 26% 32% 31%

Notes. 1) Top managers are understood to be the CEO (Managing Director / General Director) and their deputies for functional areas. 2) Locals are understood to mean employees that have permanently registered in or are citizens of the foreign countries in which the Company operates. 3) Figures differ from those provided in LUKOIL Group 2017 Sustainability Report due to a change in the data collection methodology. The ‘regions of operations significance principle’ has been applied: significant regions comprise countries where the staff numbers at LUKOIL Group entities amount to 500 employees or more (Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Italy, Romania, Uzbekistan).

We provide career development opportunities to both men and women.

In Russia, the share of women heading companies or units within companies is about 6%, and in middle management the share is around 44%. Moreover, we respect the strive of employees to achieve family and work balance: for example, in LUKOIL Group organizations parental leave is granted to both women and men.

Share of female executives out of total number of executives of the respective tier