Personnel development

LUKOIL Group personnel corporate training and development system is focused on strategic plans and the Company's need for employees who have a certain level of qualifications and competences.

We consider the Company’s corporate training system to be a tool that mitigates risks related to a lack of qualified personnel.

Training programs

Corporate development programs are based on an analysis of the differences between the requirements for employees and their competence level. Personnel training is performed on the basis of the annual Plans for the Advanced Training of the Employees of PJSC LUKOIL and LUKOIL Group Entities. A wide range of training means and methods is deployed. Our main strategic partners are higher education organizations and training centers established as leading providers of educational services.

Employee training programs help the Company achieve its objectives related to new business areas and to maintain the necessary level of competitive performance.

Information on employee training at LUKOIL Group entities
2016 2017 2018
Number of people trained 69,571 70,183 74,684
Amount of training, man-courses 161,560 193,761 243,467

Note. The rise in training in 2018 was due to the mass training of the Company's employees in the field of civilian and emergency protection, as well as the implementation of corporate training programs and compulsory education programs on labor protection and information security.

Corporate internship

We train the employees of the Russian entities of LUKOIL Group through corporate internships. Each year, employees participating in internship programs share advanced experience with colleagues and master new practical skills through interacting with colleagues. An individual assignment is prepared for each intern, which sets out the objectives to be achieved and issues for study. Based on the results of the internship, the employee and the receiving entity prepare reports containing a description of the results achieved.

Distance learning

The Corporate Distance Learning System (DLS) makes it possible to successfully meet mass training and knowledge assessment objectives prescribed under corporate and legislative requirements and to develop the professional and managerial competences and personal effectiveness of employees.

As of the end of 2018, over 60 LUKOIL Group entities were connected to the system, and more than 134,000 man-courses were completed successfully (a third more than in 2017).

A new management training format is being developed, the corporate Academy and School of Management, with a focus on developing intensive skills and on-the-job training, including via the use of mobile services and augmented reality technology. In 2018 the new training format was successfully tested as part of training for deputy general directors in the Company.

In 2018, the Corporate Competence Center of LLC LUKOIL-Severo-Zapadnefteprodukt developed two corporate programs to train filling station managers when they are hired and at later training stages. The programs are aimed at increasing the professional and management competencies of filling station managers. During the development of the corporate training system for filling station managers, significant attention was paid to developing distance learning and assessments. Seventeen electronic courses, a situational test, and an online exam were created.

In order to ensure the continuous professional development of the business coaches of the Training Centers of Russian oil production supply companies of LUKOIL Group, two methodological seminars were held on developing a unified methodology for training filling station personnel.

Knowledge Management Corporate System

We pay considerable attention to increasing the knowledge of personnel, with a view to ensuring the innovative development of the Company. As part of the Knowledge Management Corporate System, personnel training programs and collaborations with recognized experts at LUKOIL Group entities are developed.

The effective development of the Knowledge Management Corporate System has been confirmed in high assessments from the external expert community.

In 2018, PJSC LUKOIL was awarded the Grand-Prix of the Fifth All-Russian competition of employers' best practices inhuman capital development "Creating the Future".