Youth policy

Working with young employees is a major aspect of the Company’s HR management policy, and includes a system of measures aimed at recruiting and creating the conditions and opportunities for the successful and effective personal fulfillment of young employees.

New employee induction activities are performed in two areas: introduction to the entity and introduction to the position. The HR Service is responsible for the introduction to the entity: during introductory courses, employees receive information about the history and structure of the entity, including the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and corporate policies.

Introduction to the position events are held by the immediate superiors of new employees and comprise:

  • Learning about bylaws that touch upon the unit's activity
  • The procedure for interacting with other units
  • Learning about employment conditions
  • Informing new employees about professional development opportunities
  • Introducing new employees to their colleagues from respective units and informing them about the allocation of job duties within units
  • Furnishing new employees with work stations and necessary equipment

LUKOIL Group entities conduct their own adaptation events. For example, School of Young Energy Specialists events have been held for six years, and have reduced the turnover of young employees and increased their motivation levels. LLC LUKOIL-Engineering implements the Young Innovator Academy Project, which is aimed at developing young employees’ engineering and creative thinking.

Mentorship The mentorship procedure is described in the Regulation on the Adaptation of New Employees in LUKOIL Group Entities, approved by a Resolution of the Management Board of OJSC LUKOIL dated December 15, 2008 (Minutes No. 33). The regulation establishes the structure and procedure for holding induction events for new employees in LUKOIL Group entities. is another component of the system of working with young specialists, and helps ensure the continuity of professional experience, manufacturing traditions, and the corporate culture. Mentors are appointed from among the superiors or peers in a unit and must meet the following requirements:

  • Personal desire to serve as a mentor
  • a high level of professional competence
  • Personable attitude towards the new employee
  • Ability to combine their main job functions and mentorship functions, thanks to proper planning

Mentor candidates are approved through an order from the respective LUKOIL Group entity; an additional payment If the immediate manager of an employee serves as their mentor, there is no extra payment. is established for mentors for the duration of their mentorship (the amount is determined independently by LUKOIL Group entity). A mentorship lasts from three months to one year. The mentor develops an individual professional development plan for the new employee and makes assessments of their performance.

The mentor's effectiveness is demonstrated by the new employee's attainment of the aims and objectives specified in the individual development plan. Assessments are conducted during the initial and interim stages. In order to ensure that the most active employees are involved in the mentorship process, the Best Mentor of the Year contest is held.

After the completion of the individual professional development plan, the mentor prepares a report on the work of the new employee and the results achieved. The new employee is interviewed by the head of their unit; during the interview, they are given an assessment of their work. The HR Management Service of the respective entity organizes a ceremony for new employees called “Joining the Lukoil Family”.

Work indicators for young employees and professionals, people
2017 2018
Total number of young employees Young employees are employees of PJSC LUKOIL and LUKOIL Group entities aged under 35, including young professionals. Young professionals are employees aged under 30 who have a higher or secondary vocational education and who began working for the Company in an area that related to their educational specialization, including in manual professions, within six months after graduating or within three months after serving in the Russian Armed Forces. 42,772 41,174
Share of young employees from the staff listing 40 % 39 %
Number of young professionals 1,945 1,639
Young employees hired, including: 12,125 14,624
young professionals 706 589
Number of students studying under LUKOIL Group entity agreements 295 173
Number of students that have completed internships in LUKOIL Group entities 2,950 2,800

Note. The decline in the indicators is proportional to LUKOIL Group headcount and also relates to demographic specifics in Russia in the 1990s.

Research and technology competitions and conferences. Research and technology competitions and conferences for young professionals are held annually. In 2018, such events were held in 25 Russian organizations. A new conference format, in the form of a case competition, was tested.

Councils of Young Professionals. The goal of the Councils is to help young employees adapt to working conditions. Council of Young Professionals field meetings are held annually in Russian regions.