Ethics, human rights, and statutory compliance

We consider compliance with legislative requirements and the provisions of international laws and international treaties of the Russian Federation to be the basis of our sustainability activities. We pay particular attention to strengthening corporate ethics and culture, believing them to be the core mechanism for preventing violations.

The ethical standards of LUKOIL Group cover all aspects of business ethics, including:

  • Respect for human rights (including labor rights, the rights of local communities and small indigenous peoples, and freedom of association and trade union activity)
  • Zero tolerance towards and combatting corruption and fraudulent activities
  • Adherence to the rules of fair competition

The corporate documents contain the Company's official position, rules of conduct, and obligations in relation to both mutual relationships with the personnel of the Company and interaction with external stakeholders. The documents set forth an intention to apply the rules of conduct (including with regard to respect for human rights) to relations with partners, suppliers, and contractors through respective notifications.

In 2018 a new Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, reflecting the best international practices and standards of business ethics, was adopted. The document was supplemented with new sections: "Human rights and working atmosphere," "Information transparency and reporting accuracy," and "Customers," as well as anti-corruption principles, including the principle of the equal access of all companies to tendering and prohibiting any payments to government officials.

Main documents governing the rules of corporate ethics

  • The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics of PJSC LUKOIL (approved by Minutes No. 17 of the PJSC LUKOIL Board of Director meeting dated December 11, 2018)
  • The Social Code of PJSC LUKOIL (approved in Appendix 6 to Minutes No. 16 of the PJSC LUKOIL Board of Director meeting dated October 24, 2017)
  • The Global Framework Agreement between the IndustriALL Global Union, the Russian Oil and Gas Workers Union, PJSC LUKOIL, and the International Association of Trade Union Organizations (IATUO) of PJSC LUKOIL (governs respecting human rights in the workplace and in local communities

The rules for observing labor rights are also recorded in the following documents:

  • The Agreement between the Employer and the Trade Union of Public Joint-Stock Company “Oil company ‘LUKOIL’” for 2015–2020.
  • Agreements between PJSC LUKOIL and the International Association of Trade Union Organizations (IATUO) for Foreign Organizations for 2018–2020.