Statutory compliance

LUKOIL Group Antitrust Policy is based on the principles of legality, fair competition (supporting and encouraging free and fair competition), employee awareness of the requirements of current antitrust legislation, and personal liability for respective violations.

Thanks to the consistent implementation of LUKOIL Group Antitrust Policy measures, the number of cases related to violations of antitrust legislation by LUKOIL Group entities continues to decline.

Compliance with antitrust legislation by LUKOIL Group entities
2016 2017 2018
Number of closed cases of antitrust legislation violations 16 12 3
Total monetary amount of material penalties for antitrust legislation violations, RUB million 0.7 0.4 0.2

1) Administrative fines exceeding RUB 100,000 are considered to be material penalties. The total monetary amount of the fines indicator reflects the number of cases completed in the corresponding reporting period, including those begun in previous years (the process for considering cases until the issue of the final decision can take varying periods of time).
2) The information provided for 2018 relates to cases associated with the conclusion of contracts with consumers by two heat supply organizations of the “Electric Power Generation” business sector.

In 2018, the Company did not pay any material fines for violations of laws in other areas of operations (the materiality criterion in this respect is defined in IFRS).

LUKOIL Group entities comply fully with the tax legislation in effect in the countries in which they operate.

In 2018, the following taxes were paid:
4.8 USD billion in foreign countries All types of taxes and excise duties.