Human rights

As an international company that operates in countries with various political systems and cultural traditions, LUKOIL recognizes the importance of respecting and observing fundamental human rights declared by the United Nations, including labor rights, the right to a healthy environment, and the rights of small indigenous peoples and special groups.

The Company acts in strict compliance with the Social Charter of Russian Business and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, according to which every individual enjoys all the rights and freedoms proclaimed therein. The Company's commitments under the UN Global Compact apply to all areas of our activity, and involve making respective notifications to the organizations with which LUKOIL Group entities interact.

Commitments Compliance with international documents and UN Global Compact Corporate documents
Prevent child and forced labor ILO Conventions No. 29, 105 and 138, 182 UN GC Clauses 4, 5
Recognize the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining and the right to defense ILO Conventions No. 87 and 98 UN GC Clause 3
Recognize equal opportunities for women and men, and equal pay for work of equal value ILO Conventions No. 100, 111
Recognize the values of family relationships and support working women and men ILO Conventions No. 156
Avoid discrimination on any grounds (employment, wages, career building, retirement, gender, race, religion, etc.) ILO Conventions No. 111 UN GC Clause 6
Condemn violence in any form
Observe standard working hours ILO Conventions No. 47, 106, 132, 171
Maintain favorable labor conditions, the health of employees, and sanitary and hygienic standards (access to clean water, hot meals, and toilet facilities)
Pay attention to security issues (including personal data protection and protecting employees from criminal assault and pressure) Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Art. 12
Respect the rights of local communities, including the use of resources, conservation of the environment, etc. UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples ILO Convention No. 169
Strive to avoid the resettlement of local residents in cases where this is possible, and minimize the consequences for those who have experienced such measures IFC Performance Standard 5 on Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement
Endeavor to maintain a healthy environment UN GC Clauses 7, 8, 9
Combat corruption and bribery UN GC Clause 10

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (CBCE)
The Global Framework Agreement (GFA)

Social Code (SC)
The HSE Policy of LUKOIL Group in the 21st century

Notes. The Company also complies with the relevant provisions of the EITI voluntary platform.