Product quality

LUKOIL Group entities produce a wide range of products that are used in various sectors of the industry, as well as by vehicle owners in Russia and in countries in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Our priorities include a focus on consumer expectations, developing and marketing new products with enhanced operational and environmental qualities, and the continual improvement of high-quality management methods.

Product sales in 2018
Type of product 2016 2017 2018
Premium ECTO fuel, thousand tons 7,535 8,554 9,603
Bunker fuel, thousand tons 3,347 4,539 4,742
Aviation bunker fuel, thousand tons 2,747 3,238 3,198
Branded oils (premium group), thousand tons 249 262 258
Biofuel mixes, million liters 4,246 4,174 6,515

Notes. Allowing for a density of automotive gasoline of 0.755 kg/L and of diesel fuel of 0.845 kg/L. Biofuel mixtures are understood to mean mixtures of automotive gasolines and ethanol (up to 10%), or diesel fuel and methyl ethers of fatty acids. These products are sold in European countries. (The largest volumes, in excess of 1,000 million liters, are sold in Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey).