Production of energy efcient lubricants

Our priority in the development of oil and lubricant products is to create innovative products for promising new equipment and technology samples, as well as highly effective specialized products for various industry sectors.

Premium group of innovative products:

  • LUKOIL Genesis (Special)
  • LUKOIL Luxe
  • LUKOIL Avantgarde
  • LUKOIL Transmission
  • LUKOIL Antifreeze

Industrial lines:

  • LUKOIL Geyser
  • LUKOIL Tornado
  • LUKOIL Slido
  • LUKOIL Assisto

Marine line:


LLC LLK-International develops and supplies low-viscosity oils of the Genesis FE (Fuel Eco) series to consumers in a number of countries, thereby promoting the reduction of fuel consumption by combustion engines and boosting energy efficiency. Leading car manufacturers (Daimler, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, etc.) select LUKOIL brand oils when filling their vehicles for the first time, which is a testament to the quality of the products we produce. In 2018 we developed new energy efficient oils of the SAE 0w16 and SAE 0w12 viscosity classes.

Reduction in fuel consumption (based on fuel efficiency test results by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) in 2018, %

In 2018 we released a new product for marine engines, developed in accordance with international environmental restrictions on sulfur content in marine fuel. NAVIGO MCL Extra 40 BN oil, combined with the iCOlube intelligent lubrication system developed by LUKOIL, ensures optimal conditions for the operation of marine engines, and facilitates reduced carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

In 2018, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants DMCC won awards in two categories of the annual Maritime Standard Awards for 2018: for creating the iCOlube intelligent lubrication system and for promoting innovations in marine navigation.

In addition to energy efficient products, we produce oils that are safer for the environment. LUKOIL LUBRICANTS EUROPE Oy supplies biodegradable products to the European market under the brand BIO (BIOLUBE, BIOCHAIN, and BIOFLUIDE). Such oils degrade over a certain period into components that do not harm the environment (as waste from synthetic oils do).