Manufacturing and sales of products with enhanced qualities

An analysis of global trends points to the importance of reducing risks related to the use of petroleum processing products by end consumers. Demand for cleaner and more efficient fuels, oils, and other derivatives generated by consumers and regulators brings to the fore issues relating to the search for optimal product formulas and compositions, reducing the content of hazardous substances in waste, and options to recycle depleted products.

LUKOIL brand products possess improved characteristics that have positive impacts on fuel consumption and reduce the content of hazardous substances in exhaust gas. The use of new and innovative products promotes safety improvements and reduces negative environmental impacts.

Share of products with enhanced qualities, %

A strategic LUKOIL benchmark is the continuous search for ways to enhance the quality of motor oils and lubricants and anticipatory compliance with the needs of markets where our products are supplied.

The composition of our motor fuels was 100% compliant with European quality standards (Environmental Class 5) as early as 2012. As part of continued work to enhance the quality of fuel, LUKOIL has marketed the ECTO and ECTO+ brands (gasolines and diesel fuel). In 2017, the sale of the premium-class gasoline ECTO 2017 was launched. The combustion products of new types of fuel contain less sulfur, soot, carcinogens, and other hazardous substances.

Innovative products for use in marine shipping, aviation, and industrial companies are also being produced.

LUKOIL is one of the largest suppliers of bunker fuel in Russia, as well as in the ports of Bulgaria and Romania. Environmentally safe marine fuel (RMD-80/TSE), containing 0.1% sulfur, meets MARPOLThe 1973 International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, amended 1978, MARPOL 73/78. requirements related to the content of pollutants during the discharge of combustion products into the atmosphere in SECA areasSulfur emission control area − aquatic areas of the North and Baltic Seas and a section of the US coast., as well as in aquatic areas of the European Union. Since 2014, this product has been sold in the Baltic Sea aquatic area.