Ensuring the quality of motor fuels and gas station network services

We believe it our duty to maintain, at all stages, from production to consumer, the quality of motor fuels at a level that is no lower than the standards established by respective technical regulations and production standardization documents. Also, the oil product supply entities of LUKOIL Group are governed by corporate standards and methodological recommendationsFor example, STO LUKOIL 1.24.1-2016 "Motor Fuels. ECTO Automotive Gasoline," "Methodological Recommendations for Maintaining Oil Product Quality during Acceptance, Storage, and Release at LLC LUKOIL-Uralnefteprodukt" .

Our goal is to ensure total and real-time controls when delivering and accepting oil products at the transportation systems of Transneft and Russian Railways and to organize their proper acceptance, storage, and sale at LUKOIL bulk plants and fuel stations.

The corporate automated management system, which covers all fuel stations and most bulk plants located within Russia, and is also installed at facilities in Serbia and Romania, enables oil product movements, from refinery to end user, to be electronically tracked. The Guaranteed Oil-Product Delivery system allows us to reduce product transportation time, as well as the number of misappropriations and product losses. The electronic sealing of road tankers helps lessen potential injuries among fuel station personnel, since it eliminates dangerous work at heights.

Distribution of LUKOIL Group fuel stations among countries as of December 31 each year

Notes. Notes. The data include information about proprietary fuel stations of LUKOIL Group, both leased and franchised, as well as mothballed fuel stations that are available for lease (as of December 31, 2018). Changes to the performance dynamics in Russian companies engaged in oil product supplies chiefly relate to the reorganization of the sales network in 2018.

Fuel station network services development

In 2018, work began to implement efficient technologies and to expand the range of fuel products and services provided by LUKOIL fuel stations.

  • Three multi-fuel stations were built at LLC LUKOIL-Yugnefteprodukt.
  • Work began to develop the gas strategy in the oil products supply sector; five gas fuel stations were prepared for commissioning at LLC LUKOIL-Tsentrnefteprodukt.
  • Six electric charging stations for electric vehicles were commissioned (at LLC LUKOIL-Yugnefteprodukt and LLC LUKOIL-Tsentrnefteprodukt).
  • Plans are under way to implement automated systems to manage power consumption at fuel stations.
  • New customer-oriented solutions to change the image of fuel stations were developed, including the corporate style of stations, corporate uniforms for employees, and sales models of non-fuel products.