Ensuring the quality of aviation fuel and aviation greases and lubricants

The quality control system at LUKOIL fueling facilities located at airports and airfields includes monitoring aviation fuel quality, as well as a number of other fuels and lubricants and specialized fluids in the course of accepting, storing, and preparing for their release for fueling, and during aircraft refueling with aviation fuels and lubricants. Elements within the quality management system comprise a number of mandatory procedures.

  • Internal inspection controls, whose objectives comprise:
    • ensuring flight safety in relation to the quality of aviation fuels and lubricants
    • confirming compliance with production technology
    • ensuring the appropriate use of technical equipment and hardware
    • confirming the professional competence of personnel
  • Annual audits of the quality management system performed by an independent audit organization.
  • Annual consumer satisfaction surveys.

Laboratories are equipped with modern equipment that is specifically designed for the quality control of aviation fuels and lubricants. Highly qualified personnel promptly and meticulously perform all necessary operations during product movement stages, from acceptance to release to an aircraft. The set of measures listed above enables us to guarantee a high quality of both products supplied and services provided.

Average satisfaction level of oil and lubricant consumers, % of those satisfied with product quality