Ensuring the quality of oils and lubricants

An effective quality control and interaction mechanism with customers in LLC LLK-International audits LUKOIL production sites on behalf of customers that are leading car manufacturers (Daimler, General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Renault-Nissan, etc.) During this process product quality and production efficiency are analyzed. For example, in 2018 a plant in Perm successfully underwent audits by Ford, Volkswagen, and Daimler, and the production site in Volgograd was audited by Severstal. The lubricants plant in Perm was declared to be in full compliance with Volkswagen's Formel Q quality control system, and also received the highest score on Ford's Q1 quality system. The Austrian branch (LUKOIL LUBRICANTS EUROPE Oy) and the LLC LLK-International branch in Perm hold VDA 6.3 certificates (conveyor supplies of German producers).

We apply similar requirements to suppliers of raw materials, additives, and supplementary materials. All suppliers undergo assessment in accordance with the respective corporate standard SP LLK 11-2016 "Procedure for Assessing Materials and Services Suppliers"., and LUKOIL Group entities perform audits of suppliers.

By 2022 LLC LLK-International plans to upgrade its capacities at principal sites in Perm and Volgograd, in order to accelerate transitioning to manufacturing small-tonnage batches that will reduce the resource intensity of production processes.

Interactions with customers take place in accordance with the standard SP LLK 08-2015 "Consumer Claims and Complaints Handling". Customers are sent "Product Satisfaction Questionnaires" three times a year in order to gauge their satisfaction levels. The average satisfaction level of oil and lubricant consumers is defined as the ratio of positive responses in questionnaires to the total number of completed questionnaires.